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The Regulatory Boards Division of the Department of Commerce and Insurance has exciting news for you as a licensee of the Board for Licensing Contractors. Beginning today, your license can be printed directly from your home or office without extra cost. This convenience allows you to immediately have a copy of a new or renewed license once your application is approved. To use this feature, log into (or set-up) your CORE account at http://core.tn.gov

• Amendment to 0680-01-.02 clarifies who may perform as a qualified agent for different types of entities and creates a deadline regarding how long a contractor has to replace a qualified agent before the license becomes invalid. The rule also mandates that the license of an individual or sole proprietorship shall automatically become inactive three (3) months after death of the individual or individual owner of the sole proprietorship unless another person or entity has applied to transfer the license. • The amendment to 0680-01-.13 clarifies the Board policy regarding personal guaranties which are utilized by licensees to supplement their financial statement in order to increase their license monetary limitation. • Amendment to 0680-01-.16 adds details to existing license classifications and renames current classifications so as to clarify what work is covered by that classification. • Amendment to 0680-01-.24 requires roofing subcontractors to report their license information accurately to general contractors when the roofing project exceeds twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). • New rule 0680-01-.28 renames current rule "Emergency Actions" as "Temporary Licensing" and changes all references to “emergency” to “hardship.” The rule also requires the Board to ratify hardship licenses at the next scheduled board meeting. • New rule 0680-07-.08 renumbers the current rule and makes minor language edits to the temporary license requirements. • New rule 0680-07-.15 sets forth the Board’s disciplinary authority and factors of consideration. The rule also includes corresponding penalty amounts. • New rule 0680-07-.16 clarifies that licensees have a responsibility to enter into contracts and operate related contracting business under the name in which they are licensed.

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“Mamca has provided me with access to industry based education, connections, and contracts. Mamca continually advocates on behalf of MBE contractors so that there are opportunities for them to gain contracts in the public and private sectors. Mamca is the life blood of minority contractors in this city."

Octavius Nickson, Nickson General

“Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association” has be monumental in helping me accomplish my dream of owning a construction company.  Over the years I have taken several classes that have given me the skills and insight needed to run a business.  I have developed some of my most valuable relationships though MAMCA.  MAMCA has been a huge difference maker in my company and I am very thankful for Stephanie Alexander and the organization as a whole.”

Carlo Foster, C. Foster Construction Company, Inc.

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